Stability through Innovation: Securing the Wealthy Theatre’s Next 100 Years

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 12-23-2010 under NONPROFITS

Stability through Innovation: Securing the Wealthy Theatre’s Next 100 YearsBy Erin Wilson, Theatre DirectorWealthy Theatre, in Grand Rapids, MI, designed by prolific architect Pierre Lindhout (1891-1940), turns 100 in 2011. Operated by Grand Rapids...

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Moral Ground 2010: An Interview with GRCC Student Teresa Kokx

by (rachel_kozak)

Submitted 10-25-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

"A lot of animals in the arctic, like the polar bear, are going extinct or being harmed. Actually, they say in a few decades the polar ice caps will be melted.” ~ Teresa Kokx, GRCC Student    Across the country and particularly in...

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Moral Ground 2010: A Responsibility to Fido and Fluffy

by (Adams Kori)

Submitted 10-23-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“Unlike humans, animals cannot defend themselves. The animals are not the ones damaging things here, we are. Why punish those who are innocent?” ~ Stacie Kreiser, Pre-Veterinary senior at GVSU  Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see...

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Moral Ground 2010: A Seminary Student's Perspective

by (ashleym)

Submitted 10-22-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

"We should care for [Earth] because God obviously does."  ~ Leslie Montgomery, seminary student at Cornerstone University   Do we have a moral or ethical responsibility to preserve planet earth? Many Christians hold the conservative view...

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Moral Ground 2010: Answers, Wisdom, Courage

by (Nate)

Submitted 10-22-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“We need to have the wisdom to see the solutions and then have the courage to implement them.” ~ Rebecca Goh, Sustainable Business, MAPA Group Great Lakes The book, Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril, asks us to define what kinds of...

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Moral Ground 2010: The 20th century as a defining moment

by (ageluso)

Submitted 10-22-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“The 20th century undoubtedly will be seen as the defining moment in time when it comes to a pivotal shift in our attitudes regarding our natural world” ~ Nancy Yoder Eigenhouse, lifelong animal lover, environmentalist, retired worker for the State...

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Moral Ground 2010: 'A cruel and immoral thing to do to ourselves, our children, and our grand children'

by (trevorlawson)

Submitted 10-21-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“The fact we are asking this question illustrates the immense disconnect modern society has created between what is perceived as natural and what is human creation."~ Kristin Tindall, Ecology Education Coordinator, Blandford Nature Center  ...

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Moral Ground 2010: The Biology of Responsibility

by (Apion)

Submitted 10-20-2010 under OPINION

"When I see students eating snacks from the vending machine, I cringe at all the packaging they have to remove just to eat them." ~ Laurie Foster, Professor of Biology at GRCC   Professor Laurie Foster has been a Professor of Biology at Grand...

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Moral Ground 2010: A Call For Social Reconstruction

by (mhall)

Submitted 10-19-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“Of course we do. That’s what we are wired to do, it’s our natural state.”~ Chrysta Coronado, Herbalist   Chrysta Coronado arrives at the local coffee shop slightly frenzied and apologizing for being five minutes late. It seems while cycling...

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Moral Ground 2010: Responsibility of the Co-Creators

by (rm.sarros)

Submitted 10-18-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

"We are co-creators of the Earth...we must take responsibility.”~ Fr. Leonard Sudlik, St. Robert of Newminster Catholic Church   The book "Moral Ground: Ethical Action for a Planet in Peril" poses the question of whether or not human beings...

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