The starving artist

State of the Onion address: Markets, restaurants and learning opportunities grow

by (TheStarvingArtist)

Submitted 06-06-2013 under OPINION

As the new Culinary Correspondent for The Rapidian, I'll be exploring the current state of the food scene in Grand Rapids from the prospective of a local chef and food writer. I’ll give you my take on the best restaurants, discussing new...

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Full Moon Supper Club reaches two year anniversary

by (ChrisFreemanRealtor)

Submitted 11-26-2012 under OPINION

How many of you have heard of the Full Moon Supper Club? Anybody? Unless you are a hardcore foodie, this monthly event is likely slipping by you unnoticed. The Full Moon Supper Club is the brainchild of Tory O’Haire, aka The Starving Artist,...

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