Local Elections 2012: Michigan U.S. Senate candidates respond to Rapidian questions

by (Renato)

Submitted 11-01-2012 under NEWS

Our politics beat asked the Michigan U.S. Senate candidates [Pete Hoekstra, Debbie Stabenow and Scotty Boman] some questions for our Rapidian readers. Harley Mikkelson was not available for comment. We hope they help you to get informed about where...

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The ad heard 'round the world

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 02-08-2012 under OPINION

It's been a few days since the now infamous Pete Hoekstra ad aimed at Sen. Stabenow hit the airwaves (and social media) for the first time. Hoesktra is running for US Senate against Stabenow, and will represent you in Washington DC if he were to...

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