Grand Rapids, MI Flickr group

by (Jon Clay)

Submitted 12-15-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Meeting up with the Grand Rapids, MI Flickr group might seem a little intimidating if you look at the photos in the group pool. There are plenty of people carrying around big equipment, and it's full of quality photos from people who are just going...

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Key Rapidian Editorial Volunteer & Staffer Passes Away Unexpectedly

by (LCirivello)

Submitted 10-19-2009 under NEWS

Drew Storey, content facilitator and editorial mentor for The Rapidian, passed away suddenly on Sunday, October 18th.  Drew, 31, was one of the first community members who volunteered to envision and design the new Grand Rapids citizen...

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Making Choices: Open Identity on Rapidian

by (LCirivello)

Submitted 09-22-2009 under OPINION

When working with community volunteers to design The Rapidian, we faced some very interesting questions and choices. What should The Rapidian look like? What should it encourage? What should we seek to avoid? Out of many lengthy discussions arose...

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Love thy Rapidian

by (Molz Photography)

Submitted 09-14-2009 under OPINION

Love Thy Rapidian - Love Thy Neighbor, they basically mean the same thing. Your neighbor is your fellow Rapidian. Not always necessarily those which live within the same proximity of each other, but those you pass each day while rushing to work,...

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What is The Rapidian?

by (LCirivello)

Submitted 09-14-2009 under NEWS

The Rapidian is an experiment. Not so much about technology, but about community building. The free flow of local information is crucial to community vitality, civic engagement and a functioning democracy. The Rapidian is a project to address this...

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