A two-for-one deal: Volunteers help improve 'rabbitat'

by (Michigan Wildli...)

Submitted 12-05-2018 under NONPROFITS

Cottontail rabbits are such a common sight in southern Michigan’s city parks, gardens and backyards that you may never think about where else they live or about the habitat they need beyond our neighborhoods. But rabbits also live on public...

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Civic Theatre's "Harvey" proved a whimsical production for adults

by (Laura Chittenden)

Submitted 02-07-2012 under OPINION

The play The play "Harvey" was showing for the first time at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre through January 29. “Harvey” won a 1945 Pulitzer Prize award for Drama and was made into a movie in 1950 starring James Stewart. In...

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Animal Lovers and Pet Parents, Listen Up!

by (NicoleCapizzi)

Submitted 11-24-2009 under NEWS

When walking through the Humane Society of Kent County, you see a more cheerful place than you may have expected.  You see "hope," says Karen Terpstra, the executive director.  Dogs are typically paired in their kennels to alleviate...

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