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Community updates: Thursday, May 13

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 05-13-2021 under NEWS

City of Grand Rapids receives $75K grant for local Indigenous art along Grand River The City of Grand Rapids has been awarded a $75,000 Our Town grant to bring permanent art and historical markers of original Indigenous people to the city’s...

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Where are the votes?

by (TSzakal)

Submitted 07-28-2015 under NEWS

Grand Rapids has over 130,000 registered voters, but the actual act of voting rarely peaks over 80,000 participants within the city limits. Least likely among those participants at the polls are young people and people of color. When asked, the...

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ArtPrize 2014: How to register, vote, map routes, all from your phone

by (Marjorie Steele)

Submitted 09-29-2014 under NEWS

New to ArtPrize? Not sure how to go about voting? Here's a simple walkthrough to get you started. With an iOS device or Android, you can utilize the ArtPrize app for voting, creating lists and mapping out routes to see the art.  For those...

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ArtPrize seeks to broaden conversation in 2014 programming, events

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-22-2014 under NEWS

In the sixth year of ArtPrize, there are 1,537 entries and 174 venues for visitors to navigate. The self-proclaimed "radically open art competition" continues to refine its approach toward the dialogue and exchange between public and...

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