public transportation

People I've met while riding The Rapid

by (Gwendolyn Nathan)

Submitted 03-20-2012 under VOICES

I ride The Rapid to go back and forth to work and to run small errands. Central Station is conveniently located near downtown Grand Rapids. Route information, scheduling and connections are easily accessible and the bus drivers are friendly and...

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Literacy Center Says Transportation Is a Major Barrier to Literacy

by (LiteracyCenter)

Submitted 05-02-2011 under NONPROFITS

The Literacy Center of West Michigan says that transportation has been a major issue for some of their adult learners.  Some learners are unable to attend the Literacy Center’s programs because of transportation issues, consequently...

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The Rapid and Me

by (mikerapin)

Submitted 11-10-2009 under OPINION

I've lived in West Michigan all of my life. I was born at Blodgett and raised in South East Grand Rapids until I was seven when my family moved to Hudsonville. I lived in Hudsonville until I graduated high school then moved to Allendale to attend...

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