Color celebrated in this fall's Picturesque gallery

by (Holly)

Submitted 10-04-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Our city comes alive with color this time of year. Between the veritable onslaught of art at ArtPrize and the changing of the seasons signified by leaves becoming brilliant yellows, reds, oranges and purples, we've got a lot of color around us....

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Spiritual Lake offers captivating photographic works

by (tfox)

Submitted 09-30-2012 under OPINION

It is rare to see a body of photographic work that is as compelling and original as those currently featured at Gaspard, particularly within the context of ArtPrize. Cox and Bullard are in their 20s, but the collaborative exhibition features...

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Gaspard Gallery combines poetry and photography

by (alexfluegel)

Submitted 09-24-2012 under OPINION

ArtPrize foot traffic tapers off somewhere on South Division between Rumors Nightclub and the Goodwill. Though the area between Fulton and Wealthy Street contain the highest concentration of year-round art galleries, few seem interested or...

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New platform launched for sharing captures of Grand Rapids

by (Holly)

Submitted 09-10-2012 under OPINION

There's a new way to share your photos of what's happening and who's around Grand Rapids: the Rapidian Photographers Facebook group. Aimed to provide an easy way for members of the community to contribute to The Rapidian and share their...

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Collaborative portrait project nears end of Kickstarter campaign

by (Holly)

Submitted 09-04-2012 under NEWS

"West Side is the Best Side" is no longer a community pride slogan here in Grand Rapids: it's also a collaborative public art project participating in the Inside Out Project, an international collaboration started by the 2011 TED Prize...

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Picturesque: And the winner is...

by (Chelsea)

Submitted 08-12-2012 under OPINION

Earlier this summer, The Rapidian teamed up with The Grand Rapids Press and MLive to create a multi-platform, interactive summer contest. The people of Grand Rapids were asked to submit photos to The Rapidian site of any and all things relating to...

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Local photographer Terry Johnston to guide urban photo walk

by (lizstudt)

Submitted 08-09-2012 under NEWS

The Grand Rapids Art Museum will host an urban photo walk this Friday. The tour is a sub-section of GRAM on the Green and Friday Night Conversations. Guests can arrive early and stay late to take part in other GRAM on the Green events. The tour will...

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Daniel Farnum's photography hits home

by (laurelgreen)

Submitted 07-23-2012 under OPINION

Impoverished circumstances as the subject matter for art is nothing new, especially within Michigan. Many artists and photographers have flocked to Detroit in particular to document the culmination of the city’s downfall. Though this...

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Picturesque gallery passes 100 photos, seeks contributors and voters

by (Holly)

Submitted 07-18-2012 under OPINION

This summer, Grand Rapids residents have been eagerly adding their own versions of what there is to love about summer to our Picturesque gallery, Summer Lovin'. With just over 100 photos already submitted and a goal of 150 photos by the end of...

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Rob Smith, local and international fashion photographer, shares his story and the Flash Mob Foto Shoot

by (emberlyvick)

Submitted 07-06-2012 under OPINION

“I’ve always been one who’s seen life in pictures,” says Grand Rapidian Rob "Sky Limit" Smith. A Michigan native, Smith is the creative visionary and founder of Smith Worldwide and is also an...

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