Atomic Hoop Troupe to perform in "A Lot of Art"

by (DwellingPlaceCo...)

Submitted 08-30-2012 under NONPROFITS

In the words of Doris Humphrey, “There are times when the simple dignity of movement can fulfill the function of a volume of words.” Local entrepreneur Audria Larsen would tell you there’s no better way to explore movement than...

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DITA continues pushing education, performance boundaries

by (DITA)

Submitted 07-25-2012 under NONPROFITS

DITA (Dance in the Annex) proudly debuts its new dance-on-camera piece, These Four Walls,  with footage shot June 15, 2012 during SiTE:LAB at Blandford Nature Center. The piece explores the idea of confined space, imposed by external forces....

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Trip The Light 2012: Music submissions wanted

by (DITA)

Submitted 01-02-2012 under NONPROFITS

In 2012, DITA's seminal event "Trip The Light" will add a second night and be bigger than ever. Currently we're accepting submissions of music from bands and musicians interested in being part of it. We're also looking for...

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The Starlight Six come back to ring in the New Year

by (Ken Ford)

Submitted 12-27-2011 under OPINION

The Starlight Six welcomes the new year with their return to the Wealthy Theatre for their second annual New Year's Eve show. The talented group of Michiganians will also give a special performance of Tom Petty's classic album Wildflowers...

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Screwed Rapids at the UICA

by (Liz Winkelman)

Submitted 09-21-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Interview with ArtPrize artists, The Screwed Arts Collective, about their collaborative piece at the UICA and learning that it’s more about the process than the product.   If you take a walk up Fulton Street in downtown Grand Rapids and...

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ArtPeers / Art.Downtown / WMCAT - April 15

by (ArtPeers)

Submitted 04-05-2011 under NONPROFITS

  With Art.Downtown less than two weeks away, participating ArtPeers and WMCAT artists are busily preparing for the highly anticipated opening on April 15. ArtPeers would like to thank WMCAT for their generosity in...

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Catalyst Radio: Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 01-14-2011 under NONPROFITS

We welcome two guests, Rob Conrad and rap artist Daryl Holt from the Heartside Downtown Neighborhood Association who tell us what to look forward to at tonight's Heartside talent show. This is the seventh year of the talent show, and there are 20...

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Audience captivated by Breathe Owl Breathe at first of two shows at The DAAC

by (ThomasAV)

Submitted 11-14-2010 under OPINION

Seeing Breathe Owl Breathe perform live is like being invited to watch your children hold a concert in your living room, only the beautiful music they hear in their heads actually comes to fruition. They welcome you into their world of adventure and...

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Catalyst Radio: Dog Story Theater hosts more than 200 performances over three years

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 11-05-2010 under NONPROFITS

Joe Anderson, board member for Dog Story Theater, joins us on air. The nonprofit venue is an all-volunteer organization that has hosted more than 200 productions over three years and in three different locations. Grand Rapids Social Diary's Laura...

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Crowd cheers on Hispanic Flamenco Ballet at Wealthy Theatre

by (dennetmint)

Submitted 11-03-2010 under NEWS

On Wednesday morning, the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet's charter bus pulled up to Wealthy Theatre. Not far away were a swarm of yellow buses carrying more than 300 students. Billed on the dance company's website as the best option for student field...

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