Music review

Local Music Review: The Wallace Collective EP

by (scott warren)

Submitted 06-07-2013 under OPINION

The Wallace Collective released their self-titled EP in May 2013. The aptly named opening track “Old Tired Bastard” unleashes a cantankerous, banjo-driven ramble of a tune. Like a rusted out Chevy pickup barreling down a mountain road in...

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Big Dudee Roo brings diverse influences to indie music scene

by (Ken Ford)

Submitted 04-06-2012 under OPINION

The Wayland-based band Big Dudee Roo exemplifies today's Grand Rapids indie music scene well. The lead vocal harmonies, accompanying folk instruments and eclectically-developed foundations help paint a picture of our scene in many important ways...

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Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys: The sounds of authentic American music

by (Morgan Miller)

Submitted 02-13-2012 under OPINION

If America ever needs a soundtrack, it should strongly consider “A Different Tune” by Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys. The Michigan band captures the sweet sounds of American traditional music in a five-member band. While other artists...

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Chain of Lakes releases new EP "Kind of Quiet"

by (scott warren)

Submitted 08-11-2011 under OPINION

Grand Rapids area musician Kyle Rasche writes and performs original music under the name Chain of Lakes. The six tracks on Chain of Lakes’ newest release Kind of Quiet is available for pre-order (the EP debuts on August 28th, 2011) on bandcamp...

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Great Lakes Swimmers

by (reidsrow)

Submitted 11-10-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

An easy-to-follow cartoon picture story and critical review of the live musical performance by The Great Lakes Swimmers and The Wooden Birds at the Ladies' Literary Club on October 20, 2009, hosted by the enthusiastic but unqualified reviewers Wendy...

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B.B. King: The Thrill Ain't Close To Gone

by (Ken Tamke)

Submitted 10-13-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

B.B. King thrills Grand Rapids at DeVos Performance Hall He is a living legend at 84. Although he moves with some difficulty, once he takes his place on his chair center stage and delivers that first note from “Lucille,” you know you are in for...

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