Passing the Mic: At-Tawheed Islamic Center's Muneeba Khan answers, "What aspect of your tradition has been the most difficult within the last year?"

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 03-30-2021 under VOICES

Allison Egrin, Jewish practitioner and Program Assistant at Kaufman Interfaith Institute, previously asked Grand Rapids faith communities: "What aspect of your tradition has been the most difficult or taxing within the last year?"...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the place of Religious Institutions in Society?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 06-22-2020 under OPINION

Rev. Ray Lanning, a retired minister of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, responds: “Presbyterianism teaches that ‘the visible church … consists of all those throughout the world that profess the true religion,...

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When 'them' becomes 'us': Standing with the Muslim community of Grand Rapids

by (Kaufman Interfaith)

Submitted 07-25-2017 under NONPROFITS

It all begins with listening. This past winter, amidst a season fraught with 569 Islamophobic attacks in the United States and a surge in Islamophobic rhetoric, the Peace and Justice Task Force of the Interfaith Service Council decided it was...

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Tuesday Tabletalk: Interfaith Dinner and Dialogue

by (DominicanCenter...)

Submitted 04-29-2014 under NONPROFITS

Dominican Center at Marywood invites you to participate in an interfaith dialogue on May 20 at Tuesday Tabletalk. Participants dine at round tables comprised of persons from varying faith traditions. The evening will include a brief...

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Coming to DCM Feb 18: The Family of Abraham: Ancestors in Faith

by (DominicanCenter...)

Submitted 02-13-2014 under NONPROFITS

Dominican Center at Marywood  invites you to come out on the evening of Tuesday, February 18, to celebrate ecumenical and interfaith studies and dialogue.  This two-hour event begins with a brief presentation by each of the four panelists...

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