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Unity Magazine's American Roots Festival at the Wealthy Theatre on February 25th

by (Operation Resources)

Submitted 02-24-2011 under NONPROFITS

 Unity Magazine‚Äôs American Roots Festival comes to the Wealthy Theatre on Friday February 25th to celebrate the cultural diversity and wide range of influences that all go into the rich tapestry of music that defines the American musical...

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Sweeping up after Artprize: Joe Mangrum sand art de-installation

by (scott warren)

Submitted 10-11-2010 under OPINION

 As an Artprize venue that housed nine artists, the Goodspeed Lofts (Cherry and Grandville) in downtown Grand Rapids has been our home for the last three weeks. We made a lot of new friends there, shot a ton of video of great art and music, and...

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