Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Marriage Divine?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 03-23-2020 under OPINION

[Note: Next week, we’ll address the consequences of Vaughn’s question as it related to the dissolution of marriage.] The Reverend Colleen Squires, minister at All Souls Community Church of West Michigan, a Unitarian Universalist...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: What role does celibacy play in your tradition?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 02-26-2018 under OPINION

Lauren G. wrote the Ethics and Religion Talk panel at [email protected] to ask: “I'm curious about how celibacy plays into religion. I do know that Catholic priests, nuns, and monks practice it; but does it play any ‘...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is companionship enough without sex?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 11-06-2017 under OPINION

“I was married for 40 wonderful years. My husband died six and a half years ago. I met a Church of Christ Christian. He is a widower after 48 years of marriage. I am very religious and prayed about having sex and read the Bible. I...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Senior relationships

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 09-11-2017 under OPINION

But, we have a passionate side to our friendship. We don’t want to have sex. We just enjoy hugging and making out a little. Why is wrong if we love each other and have no intention to cross the line? I think it is unreasonable and unhealthy to...

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Neil Simon's Classic Comedy "Barefoot in the Park" Presented by Local Theatre Company University Wits

by (The University Wits)

Submitted 07-20-2015 under NONPROFITS

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - The Wits are back! This time, they're bringing to life Neil Simon's hit comedy "Barefoot in the Park" at Dog Story Theater. Written by popular American playwright, Neil Simon, "Barefoot in the Park"...

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Help for Marriages in Crisis

by (Retrouvaille Gr...)

Submitted 09-08-2011 under NONPROFITS

Julie had her eye on the cute boy with long dark hair all through high school. They were friends, but it wasn’t until the end of their senior year that Tony Gessner thought Julie had actually turned “hot.” By that time she had...

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"Fireproof" Your Marriage - What the divorce lawyers don't want you to know

by (Jewly Warren)

Submitted 08-25-2010 under OPINION

I was asked to review the series “Love and Respect,” by Emerson Eggerichs, by my pastor for the purpose of advertising the upcoming seminar series to be presented by Redeemer Lutheran Church along with the movie, "Fireproof." I brought the series...

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by (grdominicans)

Submitted 03-02-2010 under NONPROFITS

This is the third in a series of eight brief reflections written by Sister Mary Navarre, OP. A long-time teacher and thought-provoking poetic writer, Sister Mary is a member of the Leadership Team of the Dominican...

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