Kendall College of Art and Design

Bingeing on sweet art at "Hard Femme"

by (DWalsh)

Submitted 08-19-2013 under OPINION

A show involving over 15 local, national and international artists, with approximately 90 pieces of mainly two-dimensional work is very ambitious, and inherently unwieldy. I wonder if we're getting used to viewing large amounts of often...

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Dynamic arts professional has strong, clear vision for UICA's future

by (DWalsh)

Submitted 06-10-2013 under OPINION

Two weeks into her tenure as Interim Executive Director of UICA, Miranda Krajniac (pronounced KRAHN-yak) met with me on a sunny afternoon to discuss her background, the community and plans for the institution’s future. To get to UICA’s...

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To make art is to dance naked in public, says art critic and ArtPrize juror Jerry Saltz

by (alexfluegel)

Submitted 10-03-2012 under OPINION

“If you’re gay, you know when you’re young. If you’re a ventriloquist, you know when you’re young. There’s another thing people know they are when they’re young – artists,” Saltz began to...

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Like paintings? Head down to The Spot

by (alexfluegel)

Submitted 09-28-2012 under OPINION

ArtPrize turns the city into a living swag bag. You know, the kind given out at kickoff events and fundraising evenings, filled with a bunch of beautifully impractical things that you’ll eventually throw out or forget about. Usually, the bags...

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Role/Play at Kendall College shows that sometimes less is more

by (alexfluegel)

Submitted 09-22-2012 under OPINION

Exhibition Centers have become the foundations of many people’s ArtPrize experience, often hosting the largest bodies of work, giving folks the ability to see more in less time. This year, one of the those Exhibition Centers, Kendall College...

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Kendall College and DesignWM present collaborative art panel

by (laurelgreen)

Submitted 09-12-2012 under OPINION

“Why don’t we define what art is?” This question that has plagued art students and artists alike was also the remark that kicked off DesignWM (Design West Michigan) and Kendall College’s collaborative discussion panel,...

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Art brings crowds downtown to Art.Downtown.

by (eschroeder)

Submitted 04-18-2012 under OPINION

The annual event Art.Downtown took place this past Friday April 13. With over 300 artists and 30 locations it is one of the largest arts related events Grand Rapids has to offer and the entire experience is free. Pre-coverage for the evening was...

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Kendall student raises money to study in Italy

by (Chelsea)

Submitted 03-12-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

Salvador Jiménez, Masters of Fine Arts candidate at Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD), will soon be traveling to Florence, Italy to study the history of the Renaissance. The program is through the Studio Art Center International Florence and...

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Kendall students' exhibit at Monroe Community Church to end this weekend

by (Laura Chittenden)

Submitted 03-01-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

The Art Show "Artists are gifted by God with the ability to help others see things in a new way,” explained Harry Lew, campus minister for Kendall Christian Fellowship, “Their drawings, paintings, collages or photographs should give...

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Kendall's LEED renovation of Federal Building nearly complete

by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 01-10-2012 under NEWS

As Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University prepares to move into the Federal Building (also known as the former Grand Rapids Art Museum), it has done complete renovation of the space totaling $28.5 million dollars. The building...

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