Johannah Jelks

Meet Johannah Jelks: GRTV's Marketing Manager ("The Rebranding of GRTV")

by (GRTV)

Submitted 09-30-2022 under NONPROFITS

The Grand Rapids Community Media Center (GRCMC) has officially hired Johannah Jelks to take over marketing and branding for GRTV. "I first was introduced to GRTV by my older brother, Jonathan Jelks, in the early '90s -- watching...

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East Hill resident seeks to increase female presence in bike culture

by (NGarbaty)

Submitted 09-01-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

To Johannah Jelks, women and biking should go hand in hand. The union of the two comprises the driving force behind her campaign, She Rides Her Own Way, which will culminate in a new hub on the web for bike advocacy and retail. The site is due for...

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Generation X & Y for MI: Connecting neighborhoods and community

by (stevendavison)

Submitted 03-05-2013 under OPINION

Much has been reported about college graduates and skilled talent leaving Michigan over the last decade to seek better job opportunities. This massive migration of talent, also known as “Brain Drain,” the causes of which stem from an...

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