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Victoria Upton: Learn, Lift, Repeat

by (samantha.dine)

Submitted 02-20-2012 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Victoria Upton, publisher of Women’s Lifestyle Magazine, calls her office on West Monroe “a vortex of positive energy. The things we say in here happen.” It’s not hard to see why. The space is open, bright and welcoming with...

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Local baker inspired to make "organic" a cornerstone of her business

by (dennetmint)

Submitted 09-15-2011 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

Shuttling between her Fulton Heights home and the certified kitchen of a nearby church*, Erika Jane Hanson squeezes in her roles as baker and chocolatier for Oven Mitt Bakery during her daughter’s naps. Hanson juggles her new bakery with her life as...

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