Heartside Neighborhood

Persistent Voices Lead to DASH Route Improvements for Heartside Residents

by (DwellingPlace)

Submitted 11-30-2023 under NONPROFITS

The Downtown Area Shuttle, or DASH, is a system of small buses that are free to ride that connects key downtown Grand Rapids locations. DASH buses are funded by the City of Grand Rapids, the routes are managed by the city department called MobileGR...

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Heartside Neighbors Take Aim at Self Care, Mental Health

by (DwellingPlace)

Submitted 11-03-2020 under NONPROFITS

"It gives a sense of hope, and feeling that there is a community here that has your back. Reminding us that we are one,” says Kim Van Driel, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc.'s Director of Public Space Management. She's referring to a...

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Guiding Light to Host a Virtual Ministry Update Aug. 19

by (Guiding Light)

Submitted 08-11-2020 under NONPROFITS

Guiding Light will host a virtual Ministry Update on Wednesday, Aug. 19 to share how it has continued its rescue, recovery and re-engagement programming and restarted intake.  The Grand Rapids-based nonprofit will begin the...

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Despite Highly Engaged Community, Heartside Residents Fear Displacement

by (DwellingPlace)

Submitted 11-22-2019 under NONPROFITS

“It's growing in a positive direction, people are listening to resident suggestions”,  a resident of the Heartside neighborhood responded when asked to describe the strengths of their neighborhood as part of the Hearside...

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Dégagé patron volunteers give back each week in dining room

by (Degage Ministries)

Submitted 10-05-2017 under NONPROFITS

Our Patron Volunteer Program gives our patrons the opportunity to volunteer their time and talents in our Dining Room. Once a volunteer serves 20 hours, they are presented with a certificate of recognition and are invited to our monthly pizza party...

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Good Neighbor Program creates more welcoming neighborhood

by (Degage Ministries)

Submitted 09-27-2017 under NONPROFITS

Being a good neighbor in the Heartside Community is not only important to Dégagé, but also to our patrons. Over three years ago, an anonymous donor saw a need in our community and initiated the Good Neighbor Program. This program continues to thrive...

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Neighbors prepare to clean up Westside, Heartside

by (erictank)

Submitted 04-22-2014 under NEWS

On Saturday, April 26, residents are encouraged to get out and help clean up the sidewalks and streets. This year two locations are available to choose from. Westside Volunteers for the Westside Community Cleanup will organize at St. Mary's...

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Story Matters: Roxanne Buhl, Western watches significant growth around them in Heartside Neighborhood

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 03-12-2014 under NONPROFITS

We build community when we share our stories - whether they be a memory, an experience or just simply telling what we think is great about this place. STORY MATTERS. is a story collecting project from The Rapidian and GRTV. The Rapidian's...

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The Artists of Heartside Gallery and Studio-- LeGran Hughes

by (Heartside Galle...)

Submitted 06-04-2012 under NONPROFITS

Our featured artist for June is LeGran Hughes. Here is the artist’s story in his own words:  "My name is LeGran Hughes, and I’ve been drawing since kindergarten. Since that time I’ve been fascinated by art and said...

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The Michigan AIDS Coalition

by (The Grand Rapid...)

Submitted 12-08-2010 under NONPROFITS

  In 1989 a group of committed leaders and the Council of Michigan Foundations came together to form the Michigan AIDS Fund (MAF) in response to the devastating AIDS crisis. Its creators were philanthropic leaders who rallied the state’s grant...

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