Grand Rapids Public Museum


by (KCAD)

Submitted 05-14-2010 under NONPROFITS

ARTcation is a community wide collaboration between arts and humanities organizations that use downtown Grand Rapids as a learning laboratory. By combining our resources, we provide students with free programming that supports multi-sensory...

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The old Public Museum exhibits

by (Peg Treegarden)

Submitted 03-09-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Ever wonder what happens to the museum exhibits when they are no longer on display?  Well in Grand Rapids they are stored at the old public museum on the corner of Jefferson and State Street.  Recently, my husband and I were fortunate...

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Telescopes Entertain Thousands Wednesday Night

by (drewsa9)

Submitted 10-01-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Wednesday night was the only night this week the weather cooperated enough for members of the Grand Rapids Amateur Astronomical Association, local amateur astronomers, and Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium staff members to set up high-powered telescopes...

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