Governor Snyder

During the Michigan State of the State, hold the Governor accountable

by (balexander)

Submitted 01-17-2017 under OPINION

In what has been a Governorship bathed in mismanagement, scandal and decisions that have disparately affected our most vulnerable residents – today the Michigan Governor will need to deliver a State of the State that reads like the apology...

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Standing ovation for Snyder in Grand Rapids shows gross disconnect with people of Flint

by (balexander)

Submitted 03-22-2016 under OPINION

Yesterday The Economic Club of Grand Rapids reminded me how thoroughly disconnected they are from the pulse of the community. Let me rephrase that. The Economic Club of Grand Rapids reminded me that they have no desire to assess a pulse, as a matter...

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State economy loses $435 million to landfill

by (Yeldellc)

Submitted 02-23-2015 under NEWS

The state of Michigan is lagging behind national averages in recycling, with only 15% of residents recycling as compared to the national average of 35%. Governor Rick Snyder has created a proposed plan of action with the objective to double Michigan...

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Expert reveals potential advantages, dangers of minimum wage increase

by (Scott Trumbo)

Submitted 06-09-2014 under NEWS

On May 24th, 2014 Governor Rick Snyder signed a bipartisan bill to increase the state minimum wage from $7.40 to $9.25 per hour. Michigan joins 8 other states and D.C. in increasing the minimum wage. The increase will be staggered out in four...

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Harrison Report: Media Team tackles strict teachers, short recesses, visit with Governor Snyder

by (Harrison Park M...)

Submitted 03-26-2014 under NONPROFITS

Governor Snyder Visits Harrison Park  By Esmerelda Michigan Governor Rick Snyder came to visit Harrison Park School on Thursday, February 6. Because I was a member of Media Team, I was picked to meet Gov. Snyder. When I was told, I was excited...

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