Girls Choral Academy

Girls Choral Academy Expands Grandville Avenue Girls Choir into Burton Middle School

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The Girls Choral Academy’s Grandville Avenue Girls Choir is celebrating its 20th season this year by expanding into Burton Middle School. The Grandville Avenue Girls Choir was started in 1999 as a free, after-school program for girls in...

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Celebrate! Community Day at the Grand Rapids Ballet revitalizes art and culture

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Last month, the Grand Rapids Ballet was filled with a diverse group of artists and a wide variety of art. Celebrate! is a community event hosted annually by Artists Creating Together, Girls Choral Academy, Cook Arts Center (through Grandville Avenue...

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Grand Caroling hits right note to rouse holiday spirit downtown

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Grand Rapids has a new December event free to everyone that may boost the city’s presence as a vibrant metropolitan area through this simple fact: caroling can chase the winter blues away. For the first three Fridays in December at 6 p.m.,...

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Four Grand Rapids organizations to host Celebrate! Community Arts Day

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On Saturday, March 28, four Grand Rapids arts organizations will collaborate to bring the 4th annual Celebrate! Community Arts Day at the Grand Rapids Ballet. This free event provides an opportunity for people of all ages to experience dance, music...

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Let Their Voice Be Heard Honoring Jeanne Englehart

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The Girls Choral Academy: Giving Girls a Voice It’s time for vocal warm-up. “Doh-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Tee-Doh” echoes down the hallways, as girls from different schools, different economic backgrounds, different races and different...

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