Ferris Coffee & Nut

Ferris Coffee & Nut barista competes in USCC Brewer's Cup qualifier

by (rmclaughlin)

Submitted 02-18-2016 under NEWS

Head barista of Ferris Coffee & Nut, Dan Shoup, competed in the United States Coffee Championships (USCC) Brewer's Cup (USBrC) qualifier earlier this month in Kansas City after preparing for three months. While Ferris's Head Trainer AJ...

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[Eat & Drink ArtPrize 2010] Ferris Coffee & Nut

by (mattsimoto)

Submitted 09-21-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Ferris Coffee & Nut's retail store, located at 227 Winter Avenue, across the stret from the YMCA, serves as a training facility for retail workers as well as a spot for visitors to come in and try the many products the company offers, including...

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