High school student college program might not be Bound Upward

by (kelseymay)

Submitted 08-05-2015 under OPINION

It takes a stalwart kid to voluntarily attend summer school. Every summer, Grand Valley State University hosts a chapter of Upward Bound, a national program that encourages high school students to embrace a college-bound mindset, preparing for the...

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Looks like a winner: Deconstructing the West Michigan Aesthetic

by (markrumsey)

Submitted 10-12-2010 under OPINION

As a working artist I spend a great deal of time trying to determine how people act, react, or interact with art. The relationship between art and viewer is determined by how a person evaluates what they are looking at. Having traveled and presented...

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Tweaking It

by (markrumsey)

Submitted 10-08-2009 under OPINION

Now that ArtPrize 2009 is nearly behind us it becomes time to start considering ArtPrize 2010. This year over 37,000 people registered to vote, which shows that there is an obvious desire to participate. The question becomes how can we make that...

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