Water's Extreme Journey Exhibit opening, Ethnic Heritage Festival at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

by (Grand Rapids Pu...)

Submitted 01-30-2018 under NONPROFITS

Each year, the Ethnic Heritage Festival  gives visitors a taste of  music, dance, crafts and food representing the various cultures and ethnic groups that call West Michigan home. Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas have a long standing...

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Downtown bars work toward sustainability with zero waste initiative

by (Yeldellc)

Submitted 03-24-2015 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

“We rely on our environment to supply and support every single thing we do. Without a healthy environment, everything suffers,” says Autumn Sands, sustainability coordinator of BarFly Ventures and recent recipient of the Woman of Hope...

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Catalyst Radio: Blandford Nature Center offers acres of natural ecosystem land within the city

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 02-06-2015 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW Blandford Nature Center is a natural land resource within the city of Grand Rapids of nearly 150 acres reflecting various ecosystems, featuring a nature...

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Slow it down, soak it in: Urban stormwater in Plaster Creek

by (Calvin College)

Submitted 07-22-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Written by Michael Ryskamp (with assistance from Andre Otte and Gail Heffner) Re-thinking Plaster Creek I was 3 years old when I took my first fish off a hook, and I’ve been an avid fisherman ever since. I started out with worms and...

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You, with your ear to the ground!

by (dennetmint)

Submitted 04-27-2010 under OPINION

From The Rapidian staff: During our press pit last week about breaking news, Grand Rapids Press' Web Producer Kate Nagengast made some very good points. It was the day after a cancelled Grand Rapids Public Schools board meeting. Emotions were...

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