Con Artist Crew

ArtLustr app expands accessibility to gallery art purchases

by (erictank)

Submitted 09-09-2014 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

The ArtLustr app is a new technology introduced in Grand Rapids from Con Artist Crew co-owners Magdalene Law and Katie Moore that makes purchasing art from exhibitions more efficient.  ArtLustr LLC, which partnered with Tiger Studio, ...

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Bingeing on sweet art at "Hard Femme"

by (DWalsh)

Submitted 08-19-2013 under OPINION

A show involving over 15 local, national and international artists, with approximately 90 pieces of mainly two-dimensional work is very ambitious, and inherently unwieldy. I wonder if we're getting used to viewing large amounts of often...

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"Hard Femme" art exhibit to examine gender issues

by (empichot)

Submitted 08-07-2013 under NEWS

"Hard femme is femme’s iron-pumpin', boot-wearin', always sneerin' cousin," says Miranda Sharp, curator of the exhibit. "Hard femme is tough, DIY, takin' care of business, down 'n dirty and no-bullshit. Hard...

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Con Artist Crew to host Start Garden experiment at "We Own The Night"

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 03-27-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Con Artist Crew celebrates its one year anniversary this Saturday, March 30 by hosting their 2nd Annual “We Own the Night” art showcase. The hybrid gallery/studio, located at 1111 Godfrey SW North Building #198, will be featuring pieces...

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Con Artist Crew looks to change the perception of art in Grand Rapids

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 05-08-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

In October 2011, Magdalene Law and Reuben Garcia, both graduates of Kendall College of Art and Design, teamed up to form Con Artist Crew. Having had work displayed in galleries around the city, the two artists decided it was time to take the next...

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