Land, labor, capital: Looking at root causes of our diseased food system

by (Lance Kraai)

Submitted 02-09-2016 under OPINION

I’m convinced that the ideology of capitalism is the ultimate root cause of the dysfunction of our diseased food system. Addressing food system work without this acknowledgement will only lead to shallow short term solutions. Capitalism has...

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What cities lose when plagued by low voter turnout

by (alexandersinn)

Submitted 02-02-2016 under OPINION

Voters in the Grand Rapids area decided vital issues close to home in the last local election election, which included ballot proposals for millions of dollars to improve the quality of public schools as well as new candidates for local office. That...

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New community council seeks stronger civil discourse with, accountability for police

by (Russell Olmsted)

Submitted 01-26-2016 under OPINION

On December 15, 2015, the City Commissioners of Grand Rapids voted 5-2 in favor of allowing the purchase of 65 assault rifles for the Grand Rapids Police Department (GRPD). If you weren’t aware of this, then stop and take a moment to process...

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Conversations with young people about race must go beyond respectability

by (balexander)

Submitted 01-19-2016 under OPINION

I’m tired of writing about race. The idea that I have to continuously educate the world on a socialized and institutionalized structure that impacts my existence pains me; the fact that I have to find a nice way to make people care about it...

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New Year's resolution: Get to know your neighbor

by (Katie Gordon)

Submitted 01-12-2016 under OPINION

This New Year, I am reminded by how far we have yet to go to accomplish understanding across difference and unity through diversity in our communities. As an interfaith advocate in a city which has a significant faith-rooted history, the potential...

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Heartside Gallery continues to unchain Neighborhood

by (alreyno)

Submitted 01-05-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Heartside Gallery and Studio, an arm of Heartside Ministry, has been producing and showing art by neighborhood artists since 1993. Art is sold out of the gallery at 48 South Division. The gallery also sells and ships artwork to people around the...

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Equity Drinks to include police chief in public discussion on rifle purchases

by (Jeremy Moore)

Submitted 12-29-2015 under NEWS

Equity Drinks is focusing on developing a network for people who identify as working to advance equity in Grand Rapids. We believe understanding the complexity of those doing the work sets a foundation for action. In August of 2014, Equity...

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Race and Equity workshop to compile strategic recommendations for City of Grand Rapids

by (kylenlim)

Submitted 12-22-2015 under OPINION

Kyle Lim is Co-chair for the Race and Equity Subcommittee for the 2016 Neighborhood Summit.   Recently, Grand Rapids has made a number of top 10 lists. Unfortunately, more than a few have been for its poor record on issues of racial equity. A...

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Local business seeks inspiration from British colonial empire

by (kmatisse)

Submitted 12-15-2015 under OPINION

BarFly Ventures has enjoyed tremendous successes in the Grand Rapids community. Downtown staples like Stella’s, Hopcat and GRBC are wildly popular destinations for Grand Rapidians and out-of-towners alike. Mark Sellers, the owner of BarFly,...

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Just out of reach: Housing prices climb on Grand Rapids' Westside

by (Andrew Sisson)

Submitted 12-08-2015 under OPINION

Nestled in Grand Rapids' lower Westside neighborhood of John Ball Park lies a nearly 13-acre haven, a reprieve for people like myself who had not previously thought of living in the city, let alone falling in love with it and wanting to raise my...

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