Advocates Say Community Cats Require Community Response

by (anniebyrnes)

Submitted 05-23-2016 under NEWS

While springtime typically invokes excitement for gardening, barbecues and perhaps a toss of the frisbee in the warming weather, in the Midtown neighborhood springtime is also kitten time and a reminder about who really rules the roost in this...

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Circle Theatre honors Long-time Broadway Favourite with CATS

by (jlschindlbeck)

Submitted 05-12-2016 under LOCAL LIFE

Tickets are $27 and are available via their website: or by calling their box office at 616-456-6656 On a high-energy opening night, Circle Theatre offered a two-hour dance soiree to an eager and beaming audience with their 2016...

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Huge Barn Sale to benefit Carol's Ferals

by (Carols Ferals)

Submitted 08-13-2015 under

  We've been collecting stuff from all over and we will be opening the doors so that you can come and buy up all the awesome stuff.  Sale will be both Thursday and Friday, August 13th and 14th. 9am - 5pm. 261 19 Mile Rd NE Cedar...

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Reducing feline overpopulation, one stray at a time

by (valeriegreer)

Submitted 12-10-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

When Carol Manos got a local wild cat spayed to prevent her own cats from getting pregnant, she wasn’t expecting it to turn into her a life-long vocation.  But 8 years later, Manos is the proud founder of Carol’s Ferals, a local non...

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Cat Video Festival at ArtPrize to unite cat owners

by (Molly Heinhuis)

Submitted 09-26-2013 under NEWS

This Friday, September 27, the Walker Art Center will bring the second edition of the Cat Video Festival to ArtPrize. They will show a 75 minute film of cat videos, separated into seven different categories. The last category is a people's...

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BISSELL Blocktail Party grants announced: $163,650 shared by recipients

by (mullmer)

Submitted 07-10-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

A whole lot of dogs and cats, and those who care about their well being, are a whole lot happier today. Eleven animal welfare organizations in the Greater Grand Rapids area received word on their BISSELL Blocktail Grant applications, and the...

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Mental Infestation: The pioneers of nonsensical silly slam

by (David M. Hertler)

Submitted 11-11-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Mental Infestation is nothing what you'd expect from a typical slam metal band. While other musicians in their genre write lyrics about butchering women, gore and violence, the five members of Mental Infestation sit down and write silly,...

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Pets fall victim during tough economic times

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 02-24-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

It's an all too common story. A family, financially stretched, looks at a stack of late notices and eviction warnings. Needing to cut costs, the pet often is the first to go.  Meet our unnamed kitty above. This kitty was trapped in a (...

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Animal Lovers and Pet Parents, Listen Up!

by (NicoleCapizzi)

Submitted 11-24-2009 under NEWS

When walking through the Humane Society of Kent County, you see a more cheerful place than you may have expected.  You see "hope," says Karen Terpstra, the executive director.  Dogs are typically paired in their kennels to alleviate...

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Local Group Seeks to Assist Plight of Outdoor Animals in Winter

by (mdhoyt)

Submitted 11-06-2009 under NEWS

It is estimated by local animal welfare groups that in Grand Rapids alone, hundreds of companion animals are left to fend for themselves against the cold each winter. Without proper shelter and care, frostbite, hypothermia and death can overtake our...

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