Learn how to preserve your local goodness

by (erictank)

Submitted 08-27-2013 under NEWS

For those finally coming into an over-abundance of tomatoes and other warm-weather produce, Diane Devereaux aka The Canning Diva teaches a variety of canning skills for both first-timers needing the basics and those more experienced and looking for...

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Local canner brings talents to community

by (Loukas Peterson)

Submitted 06-07-2013 under NEWS

Michigan native Diane Devereaux has been involved in traditional food preparation and preservation her entire life. As a young teenager, she began to can her own produce, herbs and meats, and now she has opened her doors and brought the joys of...

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Start a Canvolution: Host a Canning Party

by (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 08-31-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

The canning bug is sweeping across America!  The last time canning was this popular was during WWII as women canned harvests from their Victory Gardens to win the war.  Today, people across the country are re-finding the joy and benefits...

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