animal welfare

Pet ownership limit law proposes wrong answer

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 07-03-2014 under OPINION

When faced with tragic situations such as animal hoarding cases like the one recently in the Creston neighborhood, it is a natural reaction to consider an ordinance that would try to prevent the situation from happening again. However, it is best to...

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Citizen petitions to rid park of geese

by (Kschmitty)

Submitted 04-17-2013 under NEWS

Brian Borbot solicited the city for help with the geese problem he's been noticing at Riverside Park on Monroe Avenue NE. Borbot has also  created a Facebook page to rally individuals to the cause. On the Rid Riverside Park...

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Moral Ground 2010: A Responsibility to Fido and Fluffy

by (Adams Kori)

Submitted 10-23-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

“Unlike humans, animals cannot defend themselves. The animals are not the ones damaging things here, we are. Why punish those who are innocent?” ~ Stacie Kreiser, Pre-Veterinary senior at GVSU  Ghandi once said, “Be the change you want to see...

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