the intersection

Wealthy Orphans perform at WYCE's Jammies this Valentine's Day

by (eschroeder)

Submitted 02-13-2012 under OPINION

The Wealthy Orphans have been nominated for their first ever Jammies award for the album “A little piece of the pie” in the Best Americana Album category. They will be offering their homegrown strain of big city post-punk, absorbing...

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Ziggy Marley's Forward to Love Tour hits Grand Rapids

by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 10-12-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

"If you know your history, then you know where you coming from, then you wouldn't have to ask who the 'eck do you think I am."--Bob Marley, from his song Buffalo Soldier. History and its relationship to the social justice issues of...

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The evolution of Grand Rapids hip-hop

by (douglasdooley)

Submitted 05-05-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

Let's be honest, you don't like rap.  It has been a tumultuous twenty-plus years since rap became more recognizable as an art form in the mainstream, including assassinations of artists, threats laid down in songs, misogynist content...

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Rock Out for Haiti

by (RedCrossGGR)

Submitted 01-27-2010 under NONPROFITS

Even two weeks after the 7.3 earthquake that flattened Port-au-Prince, the shocking images coming in from Haiti still seem seared on our minds. Thousands dead, thousands more homeless, hungry and thirsty. In the face of such devastation, what can...

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Chance Jones LP release

by (Jon Clay)

Submitted 11-28-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

On Friday, November 27th, local band Chance Jones released The Incident at Primrose and West LP, yes, they released it on vinyl, at The Intersection. It's available on CD and for digital download as well. The band played two sets, the latter of the...

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