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2nd Annual Trail Of Michigan Authors Event

Friday, October 28, 2016

6pm 9pm

Lakeshore Market Place Mall

Barnes & Noble

5275 Harvey Street1
Muskegon MI

As a local author, I know well how passionate readers can be to meet and converse with authors from West Michigan.  They may wish to learn about a new author on the scene, have a book signed, or maybe question experienced authors about the best ways to write, publish, and promote their own work.  There are also those hard-core book collectors who live for a chance to buy more author-signed books for their personal library.  On the other hand, you might be an individual that simply believes an author-signed book makes the perfect Christmas gift.

For these reasons and more, I am sharing news of the Muskegon Barnes & Noble Booksellers community event known as the 2nd Annual Trail of Michigan Authors.  This is the largest B&N hosted gathering of self-published authors in the state.  Don't be put off by the term "self-published author" as many are award winners and best sellers.  There are many creative writers who will never be picked up by publishers because they don't enjoy celebrity status.  Fortunately, we know that most creative people are not presidents, rock stars, or sports legends.  Most are everyday friends or neighbors who possess the desire to write and have successfully pursued their dreams.  

Although this year is focused on children's authors, many genres are represented including young adult, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, suspense, inspirational, and more.  There is bound to be something of interest even if it comes down to an evening of conversation.  Another reason, I have yet to mention, is that a portion of sales is donated to the Hackley Library, a worthy cause to support in its own right.  I know there are many in the Grand Rapids area who will be delighted to have this information, and for that reason I hope you will come visit us this upcoming Friday evening.

Take a moment to review this year's list of authors.  You may see a name or two you recognize.

This year's authors include: Laurie Keller, Margaret Willey, Amy Young, Aaron Zenz, and H. William Ruback, Christine Byron, Deanna Compton, C.J. Coombes, Kelli Czuchna, Kari de St. Germain, Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson, Melissa Keir, David Kolb, Elisa Koopmans, Steve LeBel, Bob Lenz, Mark Love, Mary Mathews, Tricia McDonald, J. Michael McFadden, J. Scott Payne, Kristi Porter, Ingar Rudholm, Jeffrey Schoenherr, Melanie Hooyenga, Peter Welmerink, Amy Bowling. Cassandra Crull. Vincent Egolf. Bob Hartson, Lon Hieftje, Amy Johnson, Cyrus Keith, Roberta King, Tom Laughlin, Norma Lewis, Patricia Lewis, Patricia Miller, Anthony Mondal, Diane Plopa, Kittye Sharron, Andrew Smith, Ken Welsch, Tnae Wilcox, and Linda Williams.

We hope to see you there.


C. John Coombes is a life-long resident of Grand Rapids and metro area.  His works include: CLAUS, A Christmas Incarnation, FULL MOON STO, and The JACK CREEK Horror.

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