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Photo of the Day Images

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ArtPrize 2014 Yarnbomb by D Charvat

Construction Crane by Steven Depolo

Untitled by Steven Depolo

Street Performers by D Charvat

Shattered by Tiffany Szakal

Brewery Vivant Wood Aged Beer Fest

by Caitlin Hoop

C Tube by Roger Klyn

Retro Blue by Sean Lancaster

Retro Blue by Sean Lancaster

Critical Discourse crowd by Eric Tank

[Untitled] by Steven Depolo

Fire at Hutchinson factory by Erin Wilson

Black and Tan- The Founders Brewing Way 

by Dan Miller

Grean tea morning by Caitlin Hoop

Not Puff by Tiffany Szakal

Fish are running by Bill DeBlase

ArtPrize 2014- Mud Puppy by Roger Klyn

Seating by Tiffany Szakal

Swing Night by Eric Bouwens

Cemetarian by Caitlin Hoop

Wooded Panorama by Andrew Pastoor

To Kill a Monarch by Tiffany Szakal

Blue Bridge by Caitlin Hoop

On the River by Ann-Marie Jurek

Untitled by Jason Hite

Contrasting Sky by A. Imagination

Nature's jawbreakers by Holly Bechiri

A Case of Good Decision by Dan Miller

GRPS Student Uniform 9-3-13 by Steven Depolo

Caffeine and commitments by Chelsie Wyse

Action on US 131 by Sean Lancaster

August morning by Eric Bouwens

Untitled by Steven Depolo

Red White and Blue by D Charvat


Rainy Day by Sara Ransom

[PICTURESQUE] Foul line by Eric Tank

Times three by Terese Chandler

Pumpkin Flower by Tiffany Szakal

[PICTURESQUE] The Grand River by Ashley Borres

[PICTURESQUE] Beckoning rays by Eric Bouwens

[PICTURESQUE] I see you! by Jason Hite

[PICTURESQUE] Mossy by Holly Bechiri

[PICTURESQUE] City electric by Carol Lautenbach

[PICTURESQUE] Super Moon by Kat Russell

[PICTURESQUE] Sunny Summer Evening by Ann-Marie Jurek