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Photo of the Day Images

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DisArt- "Etch" by Erin Wilson

Giant Clearwing and Meijer Gardens by Diane Charvat

Grand Rapids has a case of the blues by Dan Miller

12/52 Green/Blue Chihuly by Diane Charvat

State Champs! by Sean Lancaster

Grandville and Curve by Roger Klyn

Tree Nymph Butterfly by Diane Charvat

St. Patricks Day Wind Chimes by Steven Depolo

Pop of Color by Ann-Marie Jurek

Dreams by Annie Steffes

Newly Emerged Butterflies by Diane Charvat

Bring Your Own Beamer at UICA by Ann-Marie Jurek

Almost Spring by Conni Mutchler

Tailed Jay by Diane Charvat

Slowly Melting in the Sun by Ann-Marie Jurek

Puddle World by Ann-Marie Jurek

Butterfly by Diane Charvat

Montessori Girls Basketball Game by Steven Depolo

Glowing Bridge by Annie Steffes

Donuts ____Bakery by Steven Depolo

Lights by Annie Steffes

Creative Youth Center by Steven Depolo

Winter on the Lake by Andrew Pastoor

Sunset over campus by Chelsie Wyse

Intersections, second location by Holly Bechiri

Bangarang Circus Aerials by Steven Depolo

Grand Valley by Roger Klyn

Dangerous by Annie Steffes

A Sunset Silhouette by Dan Miller

Family Cooking Class at Downtown Market by Steven Depolo

Cathedral Square from afar by Tiffany Szakal

[uncaptioned] by Steven Depolo

Frozen Grand by Conni Mutchler

Night Bridge by Ann-Marie Jurek

Hodenpyl Woods by Steven Depolo

Grand Rapids - Blue Bridge by Jim Venhuizen

Glowing through the tree by Annie Steffes

Vault of Midnight by Steven Depolo

Spectacular Sunset by Ann-Marie Jurek

bridge by Marie Orttenburger

Green Well Gastro Pub Bar Back by Steven Depolo

Pour Over Coffee Lyon Street Cafe by Steven Depolo

Mitten Brewing Company upstairs bar by Marie Orttenburger

Zone 7 by David Guthrie

KBS, the bubbles by Dan Miller



Thank you so much for sharing these awesome and attractive photos on the page. Some of these pictures are really interesting and I would like to download and use them. Could you please tell me if there is a way to download them?

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