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Photo of the Day Images

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Richard App Gallery, our host this Friday!

photo by Richard and Robert App

Ju-Ju-Jump by Erin Wilson

Millenium Park: Boat House by Roger Klyn

Reflection by Dan Miller

Just for fun by Conni Mutchler

Red-bellied Woodpecker by Dan Miller

What Sea Monster? by David Guthrie

First warm day by Ann-Marie Jurek

West Side by John Holkeboer

House fire by Erin Wilson

Still? by Conni Mutchler

Modern Ruins by Erin Wilson

Grandville and Curve by Roger Klyn

Behind the scenes with the mayor by Holly Bechiri

Behind the scenes with civic investor Chef Perkey by Holly Bechiri

Thirsty by Ann-Marie Jurek

KBS from Founders by Dan Miller | The Beer Truck

Words of wisdom by Chelsie Wyse

Wednesday morning, Wealthy Street by Erin Wilson

Party Hats at the GRAM by Holly Bechiri

Green means go by Ann-Marie Jurek

Contrast by Erin Wilson

Almost spring by Conni Mutchler

The big splash by Dan Miller

Smokey by Sarah Jurek

6th Street Bridge by Andrew Pastoor

Dining al fresco? by Conni Mutchler

[Picturesque WINNER] Spokes for all folks

by John Wiegend

[Picturesque] Drop Off Pick Up Only

by Steven Depolo

[Picturesque] Spokes for all folks by John Wiegand

[Picturesque[ Intern interview by Hayley Grzych

[Picturesque] Pretty Petals by Chelsie Wyse

[Picturesque] Burn baby burn by Caitlin Hoop

[Picturesque] modern market, old world oven

by Holly Bechiri

[Picturesque] Before I say "I Do" by Chelsea Scally

[Picturesque] Our Dining Nook by Vincent Lambert

[Picturesque] Behind the scenes at GRTV

by Holly Bechiri

[Picturesque] De-Icing the Roof by Marjorie Steele

[Picturesque] My peasant bread's first step by Holly Bechiri

[Picturesque] Catching Up by Chelsie Wyse

[Picturesque] White by Eric Tank

[Picturesque] A different perspective by Eric Tank

[Picturesque] Star Thistle Honey by Eric Bouwens

[Picturesque] Mystery Back Door by Conni Mutchler