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Investor Comments

I like my orange bag.

- Eric Bouwens

I love how The Reptilian positively contributes to our community by ensuring a platform exists for diverse voices to be heard. (Hee hee ...The Rapidian, too)

- Tommy Allen

it's been great getting to know a few of you briefly and we really appreciate your support for our mission.

- FoodCircles

I tutor a student at the Creative Youth Center and I have seen how writing is changing her life. And I LOVE having a hyperlocal news source!

- Danielle Alexander

The citizen journalists who report for The Rapidian tell the stories of the people and places that matter to our community. I'm proud to help support bringing those stories to life and light through The Rapidian.

- Beth Dornan

I enjoy reading about the progressive activities taking place in Grand Rapids, and even occasionally take part in them.

- Sherron Collins

Since the "Reform the Media" conference in Boston (2010)the GRCMC and Rapidian have inspired, encouraged and continue to mentor the Chippewa Valley Post in an effort to inform and engage The greater Eau Claire community in a similar manner. Thanks you so much for your exemplary work. The CVP Board.

- The CVPost

The Rapidian covers the news we care about most - the people and initiatives that directly impact our family on a daily basis. GR Schools, WMEAC, local businesses, urbanism & placemaking... we can count on Rapidian journalists to capture authentic, 'behind the curtain' stories about how things happen in our chosen hometown.

- Rachel Hood-Petroelje and family

Because of the fabulous video you produced about Edgar, one of our students at the Cook Arts Center.

- Marjorie Kuipers

Love you guys!

- Lynee Wells and family

Sharing stories nurtures community.

- Laurie Cirivello

Such an important news outlet in our community!

- Sarah Scott and family

I love The Rapidian!


For the Cook Arts Center kids in the Andy Angelo Press Club.

- Anonymous

The Rapidian is so important to the work we do at the Creative Youth Center helping share student voices!

- Katherine Caralis

The Rapidian is a fantastic source of hyperlocal news that connects me to my community in a way that no other news source can.

- David Filkins and family

I lived in, and loved, Grand Rapids until 10 years ago when my career required me to relocate. The Rapidian represents so much that is great about GR. It helps keep me up to date.

- Kathleen Johnston-Calati

Frustrated with fluff news? You should be. Not here.

- Peter Bruinsma

Local. Dedication. 49504!

- The746House

I love the Rapidian, and Holly's Facebook campaign is awesome. Thanks for all you do, folks!

- Kristen Taylor and family

I love the news on local activities and happenings I receive from the Rapidian!

- Connie Flachs

I have recently started reading The Rapidian and love learning about our city.

- Anonymous

Linda Gellasch's interview with Tom Kiernan

- Jill Armstrong

Friend posted on Facebook. She used to write for the Rapidian.

- Zachary Burnside

Have independent media voices is extremely important for the health of our community

- Christopher Reader

The Rapidian gives a voice to those who might otherwise not have a platform for sharing their story.

- Lindsay McHolme

Chris Freeman Facebook post on EatGR group page.

- Lisa Olsen and family

The Rapidian genuinely cares about the community of Grand Rapids and is actively promoting this great city. I know that when I support The Rapidian, I'm supporting Grand Rapids.

- Anonymous

Because the Rapidian is important. Dah!

- Anonymous

Because The Rapidian is another great avenue that the CMC provides in order for everyone's voice to be heard in our great city!

- Julie Way and family

To invest in the art of writing and to assist in the sharing of passionate voices in our community.

- Women's LifeStyle Magazine

I look forward to reading The Rapidian and Place Matters every week and have learned about lots of people, places, and events that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

- Joan Huyser-Honig and family

Thank you, Rapidian!

- Dance In The Annex DITA

The Rapidian is great for Grand Rapids. They help spread the word about great things going on in GR. The Rapidian did an extremely sweet article on the opening of our new business and really helped us communicate our business model and goals to our audience. We couldn't thank them enough.

- Furniture City Creamery

As an intern at The Rapidian, I have gained knowledge of the community and of journalism. By donating, I hope I can help keep the lights on so that others can benefit from The Rapidian.

- Anonymous

Providing a voice to all in the community is an important mission. Thank you.

- Kerri VanderHoff

The Rapidian is an amazing source of hyper-local news and stories. I love reading about people in MY community making a difference!

- Dominick Garrett

My husband and I love everything you guys are doing in and around our neighborhood. From the Rapidian to the Wealthy Theatre and everything in between...keep up the great work!!

- Kristy Hawkin and family

The Rapidian does a lot to help promote Business and GR

- Kangaroo Kitchen & Catering

New to the area and am interested in "grassroots" news

- Constance Rabon and family

I am donating because I love The Rapidian, I published my first opinion piece there this year. It's a wonderful platform for so many writers!

- Brianne Luginbill

Love the Rapidian - the voice of our community!

- Kantorwassink co Wendy Wassink

Tommy Allen

- Jim O'Connor

The Rapidian is a valued community resource, combining excellent journalism and story perspectives with a flair for unique, hyperlocal news not found in any other GR media.

- Wayne Glatz

Cause of Tom

- Rodney Jubelin

Donating to The Rapidian is just one way we can contribute to this vital service for our community.

- Rachel Lee

I've been involved as a reporter with the Rapidian for a couple years now. Although I don't contribute as much as I would like, I turn to the Rapidian and its resources almost daily. It's mission enriches the lives of our community and betters the quality of life for all!

- Ethan and Shannon Cunningham

I believe we need robust media outlets that build a sense of community.

- Ruth Kelly

I love the Rapidian both in concept and in practice.

- Cynthia Price

Community is everything.

- Eric Bouwens

I like you guys. You help support the Drupal meetup group.

- Daniel Royer

Where else could I write my reviews of Hugo Claudin's crazy avante garde art jazz rock shows?

- Steven Davison

The Rapidian is an awesome tool for our community, a platform where all voices are invited to the table.

- Joleen & Mark

In short, we're a team. We not only survive but thrive as our community works together, one person at a time.

- Calvin Webb